Getting the job done

We support and optimize the technical and financial performance of asset management. From strategic
evaluation up till executing projects.

We have expertise and in-depth know-how of the complete field of ‘Asset Management’. This ranges from first
project initiation, through engineering, project management, Operations, maintenance up until
decommissioning and demolishing assets.


Collaboration and focus

We cannot realize Change for you, but we can do it together with you. We take your organization on board in
the roadmap of change in order to realize maximum buy-in. This means active participation by your team
instead of us telling you what to do. Due to our focus on change we can achieve changes and results faster than
an organization could realize on their own.

Expertise and passion

Asset Management and Continuous Improvement is part of our DNA. On top of our daily work experience we
are constantly improving our skillset. LEAN-Six Sigma and PAS55 / ISO 55000 strengthen our ability to execute

Tools and Instruments

We have a disciplinary- and improvement management toolset, which we have developed based upon our
experience and expertise. Our toolset ranges from benchmark data and asset management methodologies
until the required tools and instruments for change management and continuous improvement.

Hands On mentality and results focused

Due to our background and expertise of different branches and our ability to support on strategic level, tactical
level and operational level, we are very hands-on up until shop-floor level management during implementation

Our drive to make a change

A focused approach to enhance the competence and knowledge level of employees will support in- depth embedding of changes in the organization.

Our improvement methodologies Perfect Maintenance ©, Perfect Projects ©, Perfect Compliance © and Perfect Stock Control assure a swift implementation. These methodologies and tools are very hands on and focussed to realize tangible results. We do not only support by active coaching and consulting. We also have the operational knowledge, capabilities and capacity to support your organization during the day to- day activities on shop floor level to increase the speed of change and embed the results faster in the organization.


Project management control structure

In order to obtain more control over the increasing project portfolio on one of...


Maintenance improvement roll out across 5 sites

IP-Solutions has successfully managed the roll out of a Corporate Maintenance Management Improvement Program...


What makes our expert different

Every expert has been trained and educated in his/her area of expertise. We continuously invest in our colleagues, in their knowledge, competences and skills. Therefore they stay on top of the game, to effectively support you in making a change.


By participation in the lastest developments we constantly innovate to deliver even beter service, results and yield on our improvements.

Hands On

Due to our branch background and competences on strategic-, tactical- and operational level we offer a very hands-on implementation and shop floor support.

Cost Effective

Our approach will deliver transparent tangible results, which makes us very cost-effective and easy to monitor.


The technical management of assets is under pressure. Increasing competition, cost reduction and continuously changing legislation and compliance requirements demand greater transparency, flexibility and efficiency. Furthermore, there is an increasing requirement and demand on traceability of assurance of technical integrity of assets.
New technologies, digitalization and automation offer opportunities to improve and professionalize asset management in ways which were not possible until recently. IP-Solutions acts in the midst of this playing field. By adapting and using these new developments further improvements can be realized.

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