Project management control structure

In order to obtain more control over the increasing project portfolio on one of the older liquid bulk storage facilities, a customer has asked IP-Solutions to introduce a project management methodology and Project management structure. This structure should be the basis for future projects to assure proper project control and project performance.

The basis of this project management structure was the IP-Project Management Fundamentals including project phasing, project gate approach and clear project deliverables for each of the project phases. The project management process has been described in detail by a small team of project representatives.. Several project management templates have been created to support the project managers during the execution of projects. Using workshops with representatives from the organization the new structure is embedded in the organization thus realizing commitment to follow the new way of working. All relevant departments have been involved during the project among which Engineering, Maintenance and Operations.

Some of the tangible project results were:

  1. Clear and transparent project process
  2. Key project management templates
  3. Improved insight in the minimum project management requirements.
  4. Installment of a project board to control and manage the project portfolio

Maintenance improvement roll out across 5 sites

IP-Solutions has successfully managed the roll out of a Corporate Maintenance Management Improvement Program on 5 sites in the Netherlands. The objective of the program was to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance departments. The improvement program was build based on globally defined common maintenance processes and the use of a common maintenance management system. The project consisted of implementing a new way of working, a new maintenance management information system, training and competence improvement of the local maintenance departments.

IP-Solutions has successfully managed this improvement on behalf of its customer, including supporting the organizations in the new way of working and realizing the tangible results in the area of efficiency and effectiveness improvement.

Project Management scan

After constantly overspending and delays in the projects IP-Solutions was asked to execute a Project Management Scan to determine the root cause. The emphasis of the scan was on project control and scope management, including the role of the different stakeholders during the different project stages. Bases on a document and data analyses, interviews and workshops the issues have been identified and the root cause established. The analyses report contained concrete recommendations to improve project control by taking away the root cause.

Based on the recommendations of IP-Solutions a project improvement program was initiated led by IP-Solutions to improve the project maturity level.

Integrating maintenance departments of different sites.

IP-Solutions has integrated 3 separate maintenance departments of sites of a customer which were located within a radius of 15 kilometers. This was done based on the outcome of a maintenance assessment and the sub sequential future vision of Asset Management for the different sites. The outcome of the assessment was that substantial improvements could be gained due to the improved economy of scale, knowledge sharing and cost efficiency by integrating the 3 local departments. Together with the departments and operations, a transition plan was established and deployed. At the same time the opportunity was taken to review the outsourcing strategy and outsourcing partners of the individual maintenance departments resulting in more beneficial contracts.

The tangible results of the improvement project are:

  • Increased synergy between the 3 sites
  • Installment of Maintenance Engineering across the 3 sites where each individual department was to small to have separate maintenance engineering
  • Efficiency improvements in work planning and scheduling
  • Lower costs due to economy of scale
  • Professional contractor management

Spare part and stock optimization

For several of her customers, IP-Solutions has executed Spare Part and Warehouse improvement projects. All improvement projects are based on a baseline assessment of the As-Is situation and As-Is processes and mapping the available potential. During the improvement project, the procurement to pay and receipt to replenish processes are reviewed, improved and implemented. Stock levels are analyzed and re-order quantities and reorder levels are optimized. Furthermore, the day to day warehouse management activities are scrutinized and enhanced, including implementing a 2-bin ordering system, implementing vendor consignment stock and lean warehouse routing. Furthermore, the physical lay-out and storage locations are reviewed and optimized. All improvement projects on warehousing have led to:

  • Reduction in the number of critical stock-out situations
  • Reduction in the number of emergency ordering
  • Efficient issuing and stock management processes
  • Enhanced cost transparency and improved purchase order monitoring
  • Reduction of the stock value

Optimizing Permit To Work process and system

For several of her customers IP-Solutions has optimized the Permit to Work process and implemented Permit To Work systems. Using a standardized Permit To Work gap analyses approach, we identify potential issues in the processes, competences, knowledge, organization and Permit to Work system. Improving and enhancing the Permit To Work processes and organization and lead to an improved safety assurance before, during and after the execution of (technical) activities whilst at the same time being as efficient and effective as possible in the reviewing, issuing and monitoring or permits. The results of the improvement projects are:

  • Improved job site safety during the execution of technical activities
  • Efficient PtW processes for requesting, reviewing, issuing and monitoring permits
  • (selection of and) implementing digital Permit To Work systems
  • Trained organization and contractors in handling and requesting permits
  • Reduction of waiting time during permit review and permit issue

IP-Solutions implements ‘Perfect Projects’ at VTTI NL

It was the objective of Eurotank Amsterdam to increase the maturity level of project management and project control by defining using common project management processes which were tailor made for Eurotank. Using the IP-Solutions Perfect Projects methodology as a starting point, IP-Solutions has reviewed and analysed the project management processes of Eurotank and upgraded these processes and methodology to a new maturity level together with the projects department of Eurotank.The ultimate objective was to increase the level of control on projects, improve the organizational structure to logically fit the projects department, defining a clear maturity model on processes and project management competences and implementing risk management methodology in the organization. After the project was successfully completed the improved project methodology was also implemented at the other location in the Netherlands.

Maintenance efficiency improvement for tank terminal in North of Netherlands

While the customer experienced a feeling of insufficient control in maintenance, IP-Solutions performed a maintenance assessment. For this purpose IP-Solutions used the standard Maintenance Assessment tool in which Organisation, processes & systems, budget-, cost- and performance reporting and Asset Integrity & -compliance are analysed.

Assessing the current situation, establishing the improvement potential, defining the future situation, definition of the business case and defining the plan of aproach, are typical steps taken in such an analyses. For this customer this has lead to a improvement-project in which a new maintenance approach has been defined, including processes, procedures, work instructions and the implementation in the daily practice.

Tangible project-results are: Improved control in maintenance managementReduction
in Backlog

  • Improved efficiency
    • Tangible project-results are: Improved control in maintenance managementReduction
      in Backlog
    • Reduction in Mean Time to Repair
    • Rediction in priority 1 breakdowns
  • Reduction in ad-hoc activities
  • Improved predictability of results
  • Improved control during execution and on quality of contractors


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