Design, optimization and implementation of a document management system

The asset management department of one of our customers struggled with the fact that no proper document control and document management of technical documentation was done during a couple of years. This reached from engineering documentation, as-built documentation until maintenance information which was not properly maintained. IP-Solutions executed a document management assessment to establish the As-Is situation and to identify the minimum required activities to regain control and compliance on document control in Asset Management. This has led to an improvement program headed by IP-Solutions to redefine the document management processes, optimize available document management processes and improve the available document management system using stage gages and version management. A careful mapping of which documents require proper document management for the complete life cycle assured a proper control of the improvement project.

Selection of a maintenance management information system

For a multi-national, IP-Solutions has executed a selection process to select the best Enterprise Asset Management system which would fit the organization. IP-Solutions supported in defining a maintenance blueprint, establishing the functional, technical and interface requirements and selecting and procurement of a new Enterprise Asset Management system. After the selection of the system, IP-Solutions has been requested to support the implementation of the system across the different sites of the customer.

Update Asset Breakdown Structure

After an internal audit, one of our customers in the liquid bulk industry came to the conclusion that the list of safety critical equipment was not up to date while extensive modifications and extension projects had been executed. IP-Solutions was requested to support with identifying which of the available equipment could be classified as safety critical. During the execution of this activity it became clear that the Asset Breakdown Structure was incomplete and did not represent the as-is field situation. This has led to an extension of the improvement program to update and complete the Asset Breakdown Structure, including applying the right TAG-Coding structure. This up to date Asset Breakdown Structure was then used to execute Quick Failure Mode Criticality And Effect analyses to identify the safety critical equipment.

Incomplete equipment data

Drawings, equipment-history, certificates and manuals are often not up to date, not reliable or even not available. Do you recorgnise this? We experience this often enough. We can support you with completing and structuring your technical data. At the same time we can define the structure and procedures for future management of documents and technical data. We train your employees in the new structure and way of working to ensure that the investment will last.

Aging of the current Maintenance Management Information Systems

Nearly all organizations already have some type of maintenance management system. However, the use and the configuration has not been changed since the original implementation of the system, although the way of working and the size of the organization may have changed substantially. The actual value of having such a maintenance management system is low. Do you recognise this? Do you not experience any substantial added value of the maintenance management information system? We can support you of increasing the effectiveness and use of your current system, or even help you replacing the current system with a new system. Our vast experience in selecting, configuring and implementing information systems leads to short implementation leadtimes.

Big Data

New and more information is increasing and becoming available faster and faster due to new technologies. The sheer volume of the information requires a different set-up and structure of your data management and data storage in order to effectively analyse the data. We can support you with effectively using Big Data and to explore how Big Data can support you most effectively.

Mobile Solutions

The developments in mobile technology take place on a daily basis. We use mobile technology more and more. Much of these solutions can be applied in the area of maintaining assets, therefore making
maintenance more fun, efficient and more effective. Do you agree ? Do you believe that using mobile solutions could help your company to the next level ? We can support you with defining the best areas
to use mobile solutions and select and implement mobile solutions in your company in such a way that it will have the maximum added value.