Analyses and benchmarking of maintenance budgets

IP-Solutions regularly receives requests to review, analyze and benchmark maintenance budgets and investment programs for Tank Terminals. The objective is always to verify the completeness, necessity and volume of the Opex and Capex budgets. The review is executed based on a detailed analyses of the corrective, preventative and scheduled statutory required maintenance activities. Using our experience and our extensive benchmark data of Terminals Maintenance Opex and Capex costs we can determine the soundness and risks of the budget. The analyses and our advice is often used to challenge maintenance budgets and to verify the priority items within asset management for specific sites.

Defining and implementing an Asset Integrity Program

In order to assure and improve the technical integrity of equipments on sites, IP-Solutions has defined an Asset Integrity Program for a multi-national liquid bulk customer. The program was defined together with different representatives of terminals and different departments for maximum commitment. A pilot project was executed identifying potential integrity risks and required counter measures using FMECA methodology. This was supported by a software tool which was selected and implemented by IP-Solutions. Specific results of the program are:

  • A common approach to asset integrity across all terminals
  • Development of a minimum compliance standard
  • Roll out of a common risk analyses methodology for assets
  • Improved knowledge sharing on maintenance

Maintenance & reliability services

IP-Solutions supports several customers in the liquid bulk industry by offering flexible maintenance- and reliability engineering services. The service consists of executing a variety of maintenance and reliability engineering analyses and activities on a flexible and non-full time bases for those customers which do not have the capacity, resources or workload to have full time maintenance engineers. The activities consist of maintenance analyses, defining and improving preventative maintenance programs, defining work instructions and improvement proposals. The maintenance engineers execute these activities on site or at the office of IP-Solutions.

Define and optimize preventative maintenance schedules

IP-Solutions has reviewed and optimized the existing preventative maintenance schedules and defined new preventative maintenance schedules were necessary by executing Failure Mode And Effect Analyses workshops for one of her customers. The objective was to further improve the asset performance in uptime improvement and cost reduction. Furthermore, an increased transparency on maintenance and maintenance performance was one of the objectives also.

PED Gap analyses

For a customer in the process industry which had acquired new facilities in the Netherlands, IP-Solutions has executed a gap-analyses on the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Praktijk Regels Drukapparatuur (PRDA). The objective was to establish whether there were compliance gaps between the as-is situation and the statutory requirements. Together with employees of the customer IP-Solutions has mapped the as-is status of all pressure equipment and assessed the assigned PED category and the potential impact on maintenance activities. Using available documentation, the as-is mapping of equipment and the requirements of PED, a gap analyses was executed leading to an improvement program to resolve the identified issues.

Post due diligence review

For a site in the Gas-industry, IP-Solutions has reviewed and analyzed the multi-year sustainable and improvement CAPEX investment program. The objective was to review the existing multi-year CAPEX program on completeness, potential additional compliance requirements, modifications and replacement investments. In order to execute this analyses, IP-Solutions has first reviewed extensively the current state of the equipment with regard to integrity, performance, compliance and safety. This, together with the future expectations of equipment usage, has been compared with the investment program which was already in progress. Furthermore, the project management approach and scoping process of the CAPEX program was reviewed. The analyses has led to several recommendations for alternative investments and investment scenarios, including several recommendations to improve the engineering and project management methodology used.

Preventive maintenance program New Built terminal

In order to create a solid foundation for maintenance strategy for a recently built tank terminal, IP-Solutions has defined a complete preventive maintenance and inspection program. The starting point were all the statutory and compliance requirements of the terminal and translate these into maintenance activities, work instructions and a yearly maintenance schedule. This preventive maintenance program would be the basis on which improvements on the program can be made using risk analyses and inspection results of the first operational year of the terminal. Due to our large customer base within the liquid bulk industry and our expertise on statutory requirements, IP-Solutions has been able to detail the preventative maintenance program in a very short duration.

Review Vapour Treatment Systems

Vapour treatment systems are often business critical for the clients in the tank storage industry. IP-Solutions has gathered substantial experience and knowledge with regard to safety- and technical requirements to vapour-treatment and -transport. For a client with multiple storage locations an analyses has been performed in order to establish the condition and the current status with regard to safety, technical and compliance-requirements of the vapour treatment systems. The assessment has been done using available documentation, performing site-visits and interviews with responsible operational and technical personnel. The final report presented the main ‘gaps’ combined with proposed solutions (incl. budget-estimates).

Tank Maintenance Project Management services

For several client in the Oil & Gas and process Industry IP-Solutions performs Tank Maintenance Project Management services. These services comprise the project-management for out-of- service inspection and maintenance projects on vertical storage tanks for clients who do not have the competencies or capacity for these projects available in-house. IP-Solutions represents the asset owner and co-ordinates the project from initiation to close-out. The services of IP-Solutions for these type of projects range from project-management to construction supervision.

Life time extention, replacement or dis-investment

With decreasing financial funds for investments it is becoming increasingly important to choose between the short term and the long term opportunities. Having an equipment life span strategy for the short term and the long term is essential. Are you struggling between life time extension, replacement or continuing without investments? Are you getting the right information to properly make a decision on these matters ? We can support you in obtaining the right information and gaining insights in the consequences on the choices to be made.