Integrating maintenance departments of different sites.

IP-Solutions has integrated 3 separate maintenance departments of sites of a customer which were located within a radius of 15 kilometers. This was done based on the outcome of a maintenance assessment and the sub sequential future vision of Asset Management for the different sites. The outcome of the assessment was that substantial improvements could be gained due to the improved economy of scale, knowledge sharing and cost efficiency by integrating the 3 local departments. Together with the departments and operations, a transition plan was established and deployed. At the same time the opportunity was taken to review the outsourcing strategy and outsourcing partners of the individual maintenance departments resulting in more beneficial contracts.

The tangible results of the improvement project are:

  • Increased synergy between the 3 sites
  • Installment of Maintenance Engineering across the 3 sites where each individual department was to small to have separate maintenance engineering
  • Efficiency improvements in work planning and scheduling
  • Lower costs due to economy of scale
  • Professional contractor management