Optimizing Permit To Work process and system

For several of her customers IP-Solutions has optimized the Permit to Work process and implemented Permit To Work systems. Using a standardized Permit To Work gap analyses approach, we identify potential issues in the processes, competences, knowledge, organization and Permit to Work system. Improving and enhancing the Permit To Work processes and organization and lead to an improved safety assurance before, during and after the execution of (technical) activities whilst at the same time being as efficient and effective as possible in the reviewing, issuing and monitoring or permits. The results of the improvement projects are:

  • Improved job site safety during the execution of technical activities
  • Efficient PtW processes for requesting, reviewing, issuing and monitoring permits
  • (selection of and) implementing digital Permit To Work systems
  • Trained organization and contractors in handling and requesting permits
  • Reduction of waiting time during permit review and permit issue