Spare part and stock optimization

For several of her customers, IP-Solutions has executed Spare Part and Warehouse improvement projects. All improvement projects are based on a baseline assessment of the As-Is situation and As-Is processes and mapping the available potential. During the improvement project, the procurement to pay and receipt to replenish processes are reviewed, improved and implemented. Stock levels are analyzed and re-order quantities and reorder levels are optimized. Furthermore, the day to day warehouse management activities are scrutinized and enhanced, including implementing a 2-bin ordering system, implementing vendor consignment stock and lean warehouse routing. Furthermore, the physical lay-out and storage locations are reviewed and optimized. All improvement projects on warehousing have led to:

  • Reduction in the number of critical stock-out situations
  • Reduction in the number of emergency ordering
  • Efficient issuing and stock management processes
  • Enhanced cost transparency and improved purchase order monitoring
  • Reduction of the stock value