About IP-Solutions

We are IP-Solutions. What drives us is our passion for our customers, technical management and the branches of our customers. Proper asset management does not only lead to increased asset performance but also leads to a safer and cleaner environment. Everybody is entitled to a safe and clean environment . We believe that these objectives are aligned instead of opposites.

Asset management is a world which is changing with big challenges and beautiful opportunities. New technologies which enable smart maintenance are offering opportunities and possibilities which were not yet feasible. This is not only good to know, but it is also necessary to grab these opportunities. A different balance between leadership – Technology – Risk and Performance is essential. We want to contribute to thesei developments.


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The technical management of assets is under pressure. Increasing competition, cost reduction and continuously changing legislation and compliance requirements demand greater transparency, flexibility and efficiency. Furthermore, there is an increasing requirement and demand on traceability of assurance of technical integrity of assets.

New technologies, digitalization and automation offer opportunities to improve and professionalize asset management in ways which were not possible until recently. IP-Solutions acts in the midst of this playing field. By adapting and using these new developments further improvements can be realized.