Plant data and information management services

Our challenge? Support your organization with assuring that the right information will be delivered in the right format at the right time to the right people. Information and data presence has exponentially increased as a result of the increasing demand on transparency and the use of new technologies which generate more information. In order to minimize the waste of searching for information and documentation, the information needs to be up-to- date and all related IT-systems should be properly configured. We can support you with designing and implementing proper information and data management processes and structures. We provide services in the following fields:

  1. Selection, implementation and enhancement of asset management systems
  2. Selection, implementation and enhancement of document management systems
  3. Improve, collect and complete ‘as-built’ and field information

What has our experience brought us

An improved information availability will lead to better and faster decision making and reduce unnecessary search and waiting time.

We can realise this by investigating your current information flow, document management system and quality system. We will explore the necessity and the added value to improve your data and information management. We will indicate those areas where documentation and/or information is statutory required. Our in-depth branch knowledge and experience with our customers in different branches assures best practices and short term tangible improvements. Performance management and dashboards can be created quickly and can , if necessary, be used for comparison with branch benchmark data.

Project management control structure

9 January 2018

In order to obtain more control over the increasing project portfolio on one of the...


Maintenance improvement roll out across 5 sites

9 January 2018

IP-Solutions has successfully managed the roll out of a Corporate Maintenance Management Improvement Program on...


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Common issues
in the branch

Incomplete equipment data

Drawings, equipment-history, certificates and manuals are often not up to date, not reliable or even not available. Do you recorgnise this? We experience this often enough. We can support you with completing and structuring your technical data. At the same time we can define the structure and procedures for future management of documents and technical data. We train your employees in the new structure and way of working to ensure that the investment will last.

Aging of the current Maintenance Management Information Systems

Nearly all organizations already have some type of maintenance management system. However, the use and the configuration has not been changed since the original implementation of the system, although the way of working and the size of the organization may have changed substantially. The actual value of having such a maintenance management system is low. Do you recognise this? Do you not experience any substantial added value of the maintenance management information system? We can support you of increasing the effectiveness and use of your current system, or even help you replacing the current system with a new system. Our vast experience in selecting, configuring and implementing information systems leads to short implementation leadtimes.

Big Data

New and more information is increasing and becoming available faster and faster due to new technologies. The sheer volume of the information requires a different set-up and structure of your data management and data storage in order to effectively analyse the data. We can support you with effectively using Big Data and to explore how Big Data can support you most effectively.

Mobile Solutions

The developments in mobile technology take place on a daily basis. We use mobile technology more and more. Much of these solutions can be applied in the area of maintaining assets, therefore making maintenance more fun, efficient and more effective. Do you agree ? Do you believe that using mobile solutions could help your company to the next level ? We can support you with defining the best areas to use mobile solutions and select and implement mobile solutions in your company in such a way that it will have the maximum added value.

"My passion is developing organizations and employees based on direct results and tangible methodologies."

Menno Kuijer


The technical management of assets is under pressure. Increasing competition, cost reduction and continuously changing legislation and compliance requirements demand greater transparency, flexibility and efficiency. Furthermore, there is an increasing requirement and demand on traceability of assurance of technical integrity of assets.

New technologies, digitalization and automation offer opportunities to improve and professionalize asset management in ways which were not possible until recently. IP-Solutions acts in the midst of this playing field. By adapting and using these new developments further improvements can be realized.

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