Project management control structure

In order to obtain more control over the increasing project portfolio on one of the older liquid bulk storage facilities, a customer has asked IP-Solutions to introduce a project management methodology and Project management structure. This structure should be the basis for future projects to assure proper project control and project performance.

The basis of this project management structure was the IP-Project Management Fundamentals including project phasing, project gate approach and clear project deliverables for each of the project phases. The project management process has been described in detail by a small team of project representatives.. Several project management templates have been created to support the project managers during the execution of projects. Using workshops with representatives from the organization the new structure is embedded in the organization thus realizing commitment to follow the new way of working. All relevant departments have been involved during the project among which Engineering, Maintenance and Operations.

Some of the tangible project results were:

  1. Clear and transparent project process
  2. Key project management templates
  3. Improved insight in the minimum project management requirements.
  4. Installment of a project board to control and manage the project portfolio