Strategic and operational consultancy

Change is an integral process which requires attention on technology, organizational structure and employees. The balance between these 3 elements determines to a high degree the level of success after change. We do not only focus on the items which require improvement but also take into account all the items which already do work. From that perspective we start building the desired state. Furthermore, social interaction is part of our approach as it is an integral part of implementing changes successfully. In the areas of Asset Management, Project Management, Maintenance Management and Compliance Management we offer the following services:

  1.  Audits, benchmarking and business cases
  2. Technical due diligences
  3. Process and competence improvement
  4. Control, performance and cost improvement
  5. Project management and project execution
  6. Contractor management

What our experience has brought

Our hands on approach leads to an increased cost transparency and increased asset performance.

We realize this by challenging or defining multi-year asset management plans and budgets. Combining the as-is technical conditions of assets with multi-year asset management plans will serve as a stable basis for managing and improveming cost expenditure and asset performance. By implementing a performance management system transparency is increased and continuous improvement, using small step changes, is implemented. Embedding root cause analyses after technical failures will lead to a decrease of breakdowns and increased predictability.

Project management control structure

9 January 2018

In order to obtain more control over the increasing project portfolio on one of the...


Maintenance improvement roll out across 5 sites

9 January 2018

IP-Solutions has successfully managed the roll out of a Corporate Maintenance Management Improvement Program on...


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Common issues
in the branch

Disruptive technologies

Industry 4.0, Smart Industry. How can new and disruptive technologies realize major changes, simplifications and improvements. How can you integrate the current way of working with these new technologies, what will be the consequences, and what will it bring? We would gladly help you investigate your opportunities.

Return on Investment

Getting approval for required investments is becoming more and more challenging. We can support you with acquiring a good overview of the required investments, the added value and impact of investments and potential alternative solutions. Understanding the consequences of postponing investments requires not only in depth branch knowledge but also experience in cost estimation and engineering. We have this combination of knowledge and skills available.

Increasing legislation

Proper information and document management and the quick availability of data is essential for proper asset management. This demand increases further with new legislation. We have in-depth knowledge of the latest legislation and statutory requirements of the branch and therefore can advise you on impact of (recent) changes.

Aging assets

Aging and dis-functional assets. Do you recognize this? We often see this at our customers. We can help you find the best balance between performance and costs. We do this by implementing innovative technologies and optimizing your maintenance processes.

Changing demands

The world around us is changing constantly and is becoming more and more demanding. Due to the urbanization the demands on management, integrity and safety of assets is increasing. At the same time the market is demanding more flexibility, more customer focused performance and lower costs for running assets. We can support you in realizing your best balance between performance, risks and costs of assets.

"I am co-owner of IP-Solutions. I would gladly investigatethe best approach to change and how to embed the required results in your organization in a joint effort with you."

Floris Kessener


The technical management of assets is under pressure. Increasing competition, cost reduction and continuously changing legislation and compliance requirements demand greater transparency, flexibility and efficiency. Furthermore, there is an increasing requirement and demand on traceability of assurance of technical integrity of assets.

New technologies, digitalization and automation offer opportunities to improve and professionalize asset management in ways which were not possible until recently. IP-Solutions acts in the midst of this playing field. By adapting and using these new developments further improvements can be realized.

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